Mystery and Imagination Mingle in the Photography of Ben Zank


Photographer Ben Zank first started taking photos after picking up a camera he found in his grandmother’s attic. Since then, the Bronx, New York native has developed a creative style all his own, creating concept images that evoke a sort of dreamlike quality.

Since first taking photos with his grandmother’s camera Ben has gone on to graduate SUNY Purchase with a degree in journalism and tells Phlearn how his Digital photography 101 professor in community college changed the way he approached shooting.

“My professor was beyond awesome and he really gave me the ambition to continue with photography. I’m also glad that I didn’t take any classes while attending Purchase. I don’t think my style would be anything like it is now if I had.”

Currently, Ben is working on a 365 project that is exactly what it sounds like — shooting photos every day for a year. The photos below are just some of Ben’s amazing work, and you can follow his 365 project through his Flickr account.






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