Toby Keith Fans Are Angry They Can’t Bring Their Guns In Singer’s New Bar


“Toby Keith and Obama want to take away our guns and beer, dammit!” This is the thought that’s probably swirling around in the head’s of some of Toby’s presumably ex-fans after the singer’s new bar posted a “No guns permitted” sign in the window.

That’s right, don’t plan on getting your buzz on while armed at Toby’s I Love This Bar & Grill in Woodbridge, Virginia. The singer has outlawed guns on the premises in the gun friendly state that permits citizens to openly carry firearms into restaurants and bars (state law offers no legal guidance on drinking with a gun). State law allows bar and restaurant owners to ban firearms as long as they display a sign.


Now to “sissy-pants” and obviously “anti-American liberals,” the idea of banning firearms and while consuming booze in public might seem like common sense safety protocol, some of Toby’s Facebook fans don’t see it the same way.






The fried cheese sticks and whiskey might do you in, but a gun sure won’t. At least not on Toby’s watch.

Via FoxDC

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