The Most Extravagant Costumes Seen at Burning Man

What do you get when you invite 75,000 people to the desert and ask them to express themselves without limits? Strange, sultry, spooky or scant – the costumes below show a taste of the core Burning Man principle of radical self expression.

There are many factors that a burner needs to consider when building their costume. The searing temperatures during the day mean that a lot of burners opt for a less complicated outfit…

And some don’t.


Some Burners choose to embody their spirit animal…

Whether it’s from this world or not.

Sometimes you’ll see some familiar faces…

And sometimes, no faces at all.

Burners get quite creative with materials.

Some costumes come as a package deal…

But most of all, burners dress however they desire. Because for once in the year, they know they won’t be judged.

Photo credit: Scott London, Duncan RawlinsonTrey Ratcliff, and Jonathan Clark.

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