Can Rose Quartz Go in Water?

You might know Rose quartz for its popularity with jewelry. While it’s a beautiful gemstone that holds deep meaning, you might wonder, can rose quartz go in water?

Many believe that the stone has healing energies, so you want to handle it with care. With this, it’s good to make sure you aren’t putting your gems into situations that can affect those properties.

Here’s a guide to explain what you need to know about rose quartz in water.

Defining Rose Quartz Properties

Before you find out if you can submerge the crystal in water, you want to ask yourself, what is Rose quartz? This way, you can understand its properties and ensure you aren’t harming the stone.

Rose quartz comes in a light pink color, usually put in jewelry and other accessories. Many believe that ancient people have been using it as far back as 7,000 B.C for its healing properties and energies.

Currently, it’s still one of the most popular crystals for its color and qualities. You can find it in various places as a decorative piece for balance or a tool for meditation.

Can You Submerge Rose Quartz in Water?

One of the common places you can find crystals are in necklaces, bracelets, or charms. This makes them prone to different conditions and situations, including being subject to sun exposure or rain. But you might wonder, is it safe to submerge them in water?

Based on science, the answer is yes. Rose quartz is a type of crystal that isn’t easily soluble in water. So, the stone will not erode or lose its color when you submerge them.

If you’re wondering about its energies, many believe that putting them in water can enhance their properties. It’s a common way to neutralize the crystal and remove negativity stored within it.

Even so, note that you should avoid prolonging its exposure to water to prevent causing the surface to look dull. You should also dry it thoroughly after putting it in water.

If you own other crystals, check if it’s safe to put them in water before doing so to avoid chemical or property changes.

What Happens to Rose Quartz in Water?

Whether it’s in new jewelry or the crystal itself, not much changes when you put rose quartz in water. Usually, it only changes when you leave it for too long.

When cleaning the stone, many suggest leaving it under running water instead of submerging it on its own. Even so, Rose quartz is one of the stones that showcases little to no change in water.

As for its energy, water can amplify it and help release emotional blockages or negativity around you.

You might find some people use them in healing baths or infuse them in water to promote self-love and healing. Before you do so, contact an expert to be sure you can do the same with your stones and learn the proper methods.

You should remember that leaving it in water for too long can cause it to fade or lose its shine. It can also start to crack, especially when your water has other chemicals.

Try to keep it in water for only a few minutes to an hour or so. When you finish, you should take it out of the water and dry it well.

Beliefs About Using Rose Quartz in Water

When you buy jewelry, you want to be sure you learn about the crystals used in them. This way, you can understand how they heal you and the right way to handle them.

If you get rose quartz jewelry or stones, you might want to know the typical beliefs people have about them in water. It includes the following:

Promote Self Healing

Rose quartz amplifies feelings of love, calmness, and peace. So, it’s one of the popular crystals used in a healing bath.

It’s said to promote self healing and inspire you to become more compassionate and kind to the people around you.

Cleanse Negative Energy

While some worry that water can damage crystals, Rose quartz is one of the gems that can withstand it better than others. With this, you can cleanse your crystal using water.

Doing so allows you to remove negative energy contained within it and gives you a fresh start. And so, it produces stronger and more effective results.

Invoke Loving Emotions

They say putting rose quartz in water can boost its healing energy. As a result, it can invoke loving emotions and similar feelings better.

You can check out this page with a chakra necklace to learn more about how it works.

How to Incorporate Rose Quartz in Your Healing Practice

Many find Rose quartz interesting for its impact on healing. You can incorporate the stone into your practice through the following methods:

Healing Bath

A crystal healing bath refers to a session where you simply take a warm bath with gems. This way, the energies they carry can calm you through the water’s vibrations.


You can use rose quartz as it is, whether dry or in water, during meditation. When doing so, you want to set the mood with a candle or incense and proceed to calm your thoughts and emotions.

There are several ways to set intentions with crystals. You may want to consult experts to find the best way to do so based on your stone.

Healing Mists

Another way to use rose quartz in water is by making a purifying mist. You only need to put a few of the stones in a spray bottle, preferably amber. Make sure to use purified spring or distilled water.

When it’s ready, you can sprinkle the mist onto your clothes or other belongings to invoke its energy around you.


Some of the best jewelry to use for stones are bracelets and necklaces since you can keep them on. Even so, you can consider other accessories, like key chains and charms.

Get Answers to the Question: Can Rose Quartz Go in Water?

When you wonder, can rose quartz go in water? Note that it’s safe but best to limit how long you keep it submerged. Nonetheless, you want to know it amplifies its properties and allows you to recharge the crystals!

Check out our blog to learn more about it.

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