‘Check Please!’ Is A Fantastic Showcase of Art on Restaurant Checks

It’s probably the oldest and least exciting part of eating out, getting the check. While the appropriate follow-up to paying the bill is a nice tip, some patrons are leaving something extra with these amazing illustrations.

“Check Please!” is the upcoming creation by John “Super Ugly” Williams and showcases the absolute best artwork on a restaurant check you’ll ever see.

Williams has been running a popular blog of restaurant check art called Guest Checks for a few years now, and now he’s compiling his favorites into a book. It’s all part of a very cool Kickstarter project for Williams to showcase the work of some amazing artists.

“A book of this quality can really make production costs high, but I feel that this is the best way to display the incredible art from the blog. The artists would get copies of the book and be a part of an upcoming Guest Checks Art Show, where they get the money brought in by their piece.”

Check out the Kickstarter here.







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