These Smart Illustrations About Modern Life Will Make You Rethink How We Live

Eduardo Salles is a celebrated advertiser, designer, illustrator, writer and professor at the Miami Ad School. Prolific in an array of professions, Salles also runs a blog called Cinismoilustrado, where he posts ingenious, cynical illustrations about the reality of modern life. From the perils of dieting to dating, capitalism, education and social media, Salles’ creations will have you hooked on his unique brand of brutal, tongue-in-cheek honesty.

As the previous Creative Director of companies like Nike, Red Cross and Kit Kat, Salles has also won numerous design, literature and advertising awards. Observing his impressive list of accolades and achievements, it’s hard to believe that he still finds time to produce such witty and insightful illustrations. Perhaps, his wealth of experience has lead to such a truthful perspective on the world we live in.

Below are our favorite picks:

See more of Eduardo’s illustrations on his blog, or follow him on Instagram.

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