Eatro App Lets You Order Homecooked Meals From Your Neighbor’s Kitchen

If you live in an apartment, then at times you’ve surely smelled your neighbors cooking dinner. Depending on what they’re cooking this could be nauseating stench filling your hallway or a tantalizing one that teases your nose.

For the sake of this argument, let’s say it’s the latter. While it would be rude to just go knock on their door and ask for a take-out plate to go, a new app will allow you to do just that.


Eatro links people looking for homecooked meals who may be tired of takeout or not have the culinary skills to make their own food. The startup was founded by Bar Segal, Daniel Kaplansky, and Zifeng Wei, three childhood friends in London who wanted homecooked meals, but didn’t have the time to cook themselves. “We tried the home cooking thing, but we were three young guys and it was apparent the smells from our neighbors were better than our cooking, Segal told Fastco.

He explains that so far they’ve lined up nearly a dozen chefs who are all mothers and love the idea of cooking for other people, and getting paid for it of course.

The process is pretty simple: Signup with your postal code and browse dishes and chefs in your area.

Add dishes to your basket and purchase them with your debit/credit card.

After payment, customers receive a pickup location and time window of when their food
will be available.

Rate and vote on your favorite dishes.

Homecooked meals are just an app away.

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