Awesome sandwiches for your summer picnics

You might not think of sandwiches as being seasonal, but the right pairing of meats, cheeses, veggies and bread can add some much-needed seasonal flavor to your summer activities. Of course you’re free to enjoy them all year, but if you’re looking to add something new to that summer spread of fruit cocktail and burgers, consider these tasty sandwiches that are sure to send your taste buds on a delicious vacation.

The California Sandwich

Bring some SoCal sunshine and good vibes to your table with this healthy sandwich that combines avocado, tomato, whole grain bread, turkey, sprouts, and Sargento provolone cheese.


Ricotta and Honey Sandwich

This sandwich is great for a light picnic snack when you don’t feel like carrying a heavy basket with every condiment from the fridge. Pick your favorite bread — a French baguette works great — and spread some Sargento ricotta and add a healthy dollop of honey to top it off.


Hawaiian Style Grilled Cheese

Even if you’re not traveling to the tropics this summer, you can still bring a little island flavor to your plate with this light and flavorful sandwich. The traditional grilled cheese gets a bit of island fusion with some Sargento Swiss, ham, and a thick cut pineapple slice. Press it on the grill and serve warm.


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