You Won’t Believe How Google Glass is Working Miracles

Alex Blaszczuk, google glass

Okay, as much as it makes me feel like a Google ad rep to say it, Google Glass is a miracle. I think when it comes to Google Glass people fall into one of two categories. You either find the technology incredibly fascinating and would throw your money at Google for a pair, or you want to start cracking George Jetson jokes behind the owner’s back.

Whatever the case, the new technology is making some amazing things happen. Columbia University law student Alex Blaszczuk was paralyzed from the chest down resulting from a spinal chord injury. Google hooked her up with one and sent her and her friends on a camping trip to try them out. The technology allows Alex to navigate her way through the trip like never before and share the experience with her family and friends.

“This trip will be the first time I’m apart from a caregiver for more than just a few hours. Glass allows me to regain that confidence.”

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