John Stamos Plans to Make a 19-Year-Old Amputee’s Disney Dream Date Come True

john stamos

Uncle Jesse still continues to break hearts and woo the ladies, this time by making a 19-year-old’s Disney wish come true.

Kaitlyn Dobrow suffered a from bacterial meningitis and the infection forced doctors to amputate her limbs in a last ditch order to save her life. This caused overwhelming hardships for Kaitlyn and her family burdening them with hefty medical bills from the numerous surgeries. A fundraising site has helped raise over $26,000 to help the family with the costs of rehab and a possible new car that would be better equipped for her after her health complications.

Full House and ER actor, John Stamos visited the teen and her friend Kristen in the California hospital where Kaitlyn is recovering. The three snapped Instagram photos and made plans for a Disneyland date once Kaitlyn is discharged.

john stamos

It’s a pretty cool thing for a celebrity to go out of their way to brighten a complete stranger’s day. Yes, the press picked up on it and it looks good in the public eye, but the point is that a small act of kindness can have a big impact.

The gesture didn’t go without gratitude as Kaitlyn’s friend Kristen sent out a thank you tweet.

“Thank you @JohnStamos for making the time to come and visit my best friends, @kaitlynndobrow. You made our day! Can’t wait to see you again!”

Help Kaitlyn’s family with hospital costs here and check out her progress on Facebook here.

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