Hydrating and Hangover-Free Beer is a Miracle of Alcohol

You know the drill — you come home from a night out with friends and too many pints and crash on the bed, only to be awoken by the jackhammer sensation inside your head. Beer is a great thing but like too much of any good, thing the side-effects can be downright loathsome. Until now…


That’s right, beer drinkers of the world may soon be able to get their hoppy booze on without fear of the dreaded hangover. According to The Australian, researchers at the Griffith University’s Health Institute have discovered a way to manipulate the electrolyte levels in beer to make it less dehydrating.

Electrolytes are what make drinks like water, sports drinks, juice and really anything but alcohol hydrating. Unfortunately, beer has historically fallen short in the electrolyte department. To counteract this, scientists took two beers, one regular and one light, and simply added more electrolytes. The beers were then given to people who had been exercising and results revealed that the altered light beer was a third more hydrating than a regular beer.

Naturally, beer isn’t the best choice of hydrating refreshment after a thorough workout, but men and women in active trade professions may more in the mood for a brewski at the end of the day than a Gatorade. As Griffith University Associate Professor Ben Desbrow puts it, “If you’re going to live in the real world, you can either spend your time telling people what they shouldn’t do, or you can work on ways of reducing the danger of some of these socialized activities.”

Cheers to that!

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