Eddie Murphy Has Returned to Music In New Effort to Avoid Comedy

Have you been wondering since 1988 what a reggae song by Eddie Murphy and Snoop Dogg would sound like? Of course you have.

Eddie Murphy has had an incredible interesting Hollywood career and he’s added another chapter that’s impossible to ignore. The comedy legend has released a hip-hop/reggae video with Snoop Dogg (a.k.a. Snoop Lion or whatever other animal is snooping around) for his new single “Red Light”.

The single is from his new album 9, which is scheduled to be released latter this year and Murphy’s first new record since 1993’s Loves Alright. Finally, we’re getting 80s Eddie Murphy back. Just to clarify again, it’s not comedy legend Eddie, it’s music Eddie — life can be strange like that.

Murphy spoke about his return to RollingStone and the musical legacy that comes from “Party All the Time.”

I was like, “I’ve got enough to do a whole record here that stands up on its own.” Because I didn’t want to leave it at “Party All the Time.” It’s a good song, but I didn’t want to leave it there.

The song feels like Eddie got the got the ingredients right for the “Bob Marley in a Bottle” mix, but also relied on zero fat suits for the video. Norbit is looking pretty good these days.

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