If You Watch One Psychedelic Soap Video This Year, Make it This One

It’s a simple formula of oil, ink, water, and soap, but the result by artist Ruslan Khasanov is a truly mesmerizing, dream-like blend of color. The beads of color and flowing rainbows of oil almost look too perfect to not be computer animation, but it’s actually all part of a five hour process for Ruslan.

Pacific Light from Ruslan Khasanov on Vimeo.

Ruslan works as a digital artist by trade, but says this is more of a passion project for him and a way to get out of computer mode and get his hands dirty.

“I’m tired of sitting at the computer,” Khasanov tells Fastcodesign, referencing his core skills in computer graphics and typography. “For me, projects like this are just a way to get away from work–not only the final result but also the process is important for me.”

Called “Pacific Light” the blending of all these elements into one beautiful rainbow of color brings about everything from thoughts of nature, to outer space and 1960’s psychedelia. Watching the video and getting lost in its tranquility instantly evokes a feeling of relaxation and wonder. And isn’t that exactly what beautiful art is supposed to do?

Learn more about Ruslan’s art projects here.




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