Holy Guacamole! These Intricate Food Carvings are Out of This World

26-year-old Daniele Barresi is an Italian carving designer who turns fruits and vegetables into incredible works of art. For years, Daniele has been using kitchen knives, pens, melon ballers and vegetable peelers to carve his way through everything, from pumpkins to cheese wheels and broccoli.

“At first I put in a lot of hard work, and after about a year I started taking part in some national and international championships, winning my first medals.”

Now, Daniele has one favorite tool that he uses every time. It’s a very thin and sharp knife that he says still surprises him with what it can achieve. After turning to competitive carving, the talented artist won bronze at his first competition, then gold at the World Championships in the Swiss city of Basel, and again in Luxembourg.

His latest creation, an intricately sculpted avocado, has skyrocketed Barresi’s work to viral fame. He says it only took him one hour to complete.

Barresi now resides in Sydney, Australia after receiving sponsorship from a catering company that specializes in fruit and vegetable carvings, weddings and special events. See some of his creations below:

Visit Daniele’s website at www.intagli.it.


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