The Best Egomaniac GIFs from Kanye’s Interview with Jimmy Kimmel

While there’s nothing like a good Twitter feud, especially when Kanye West is involved, a face to face is going to be way better. It’s also going to be way more awkward, and exactly the kind of stuff that late night TV producers love.

Kanye West sat down with his most recent nemesis, Jimmy Kimmel to discuss his opinions on paparazzi, Jimmy’s likeness to Sponge Bob, Kim Kardashian and most importantly himself. In case you missed the televised airing last night, the internet is here to provide you with the best recap possible, in GIFs of course.


Would you really ever expect anything less from Kanye?


Really? NEVER? Are you sure you don’t want to think about that again, Kanye?


Respect Kanye and he will respect you back… maybe.


How else would the world know what fresh outfit Kanye is wearing that day?


It’s so reassuring that Kanye can be honest with himself and his public.


Surely if Kanye can be honest so can Jimmy, right?


Uh oh. Run, Jimmy! Run!

Watch the full interview for all the best cringe-worthy moments.

…And part 2.

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