Lego Master Creates Food Sculptures Good Enough to Eat

A Japanese artist who goes by the name of Tary has recently garnered international attention for his incredible sculptures built entirely of Lego. While Tary often builds Gundam robots, Star Wars and other comic book characters, it’s his incredibly realistic food sculptures that unexpectedly made him famous.

It’s even rumored that Tary has been named a Master Builder. The highly coveted title has only be given to 40 people in the world. Candidates usually start off as apprentice builders and then work their way up over many years, but it’s not hard to see why Tary could be swiftly joining the ranks. Scroll down to see some of Tary’s mouth watering creations:

tempura-reis-tendon-lego-nobu-tary-tsukemono-eingelegtes-japanisches-gemuese Tary-lego-foods-7 Tary-lego-foods-2 original_Tary-lego-2 Nobu-Tary-LEGO-food-1 lego-8 lego-7 lego-6 lego-3Delicious-Lego-sculptures-by-Japanese-artist-Tary-1 lego_foods_nobu_tary_733CFECF800000578-3572528-image-a-23_1462342988110 lego_food_custard
33CFED2400000578-3572528-image-a-25_1462343004396One of Tary’s creations (the Tempura Bowl) won first place at an original Lego model contest at Click Brick in Tokyo. The store in Odaiba, Tokyo, is showcasing the entries until the end of the month.

Follow Tary on Twitter for updates on his latest creations.


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