Matt Damon and ‘Monuments Men’ Cast Invaded ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

Matt damon, jimmy kimmel, monuments men

I almost feel a little bad for Jay Leno that his final show happened to fall on the same night that Matt Damon brought the rest of “The Monuments Men” cast to take over “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” Damon, Clooney, Goodman and Murray, can one late night stage even contain that much star power?

The return of Matt Damon was another hilarious chapter in his pretend feud with Jimmy Kimmel after last year’s show takeover. Of course if you really want to dig deep in your late night TV file, you might remember six years ago when Jimmy’s then girlfriend Sarah Silverman started the whole thing with here video she made for Jimmy, “I’m f**king Matt Damon.”

While the sit-down interview portion with the cast was pleasant enough, the show’s glorious highlight was a new edition of the popular “Mean Tweets” segment. So much Twitter hate out there for these guys, some of it being from Kimmel himself.

Jimmy should probably send Sarah an annual thank you note for sparking this Damon-fueled ratings wave he’s riding.

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