This Video of Milk, Paint and Soap Mixing is Like a Massage for Your Brain

French artist Thomas Blanchard’s latest video project ‘Memories of Painting’ takes a simple science experiment often enjoyed by children, and turns it into a spectacular visual feast of texture and movement.

Combining rapeseed oil, milk, paint and liquid soap in a shallow dish, Blanchard then documented the curious chemical reaction using a macro lens to capture it in full effect.


“I poured the milk and paint on a plate, and it’s a drop of dishwashing liquid that animates the painting. The chemical reaction is funny and practical. The small planets are made with paint mixed with rapeseed oil.” – Thomas Blanchard

Set against a beautiful soundscape by French sound designers Bronix, the kaleidoscopic video is truly mesmerizing, sometimes otherworldly, and definitely a feast for the imagination. Check out the finished product below:

For even more insight, Blanchard published another video documenting the making of ‘Memories of Paintings’, where you can see just how simple it was to create such a spectacular effect.

This soothing experimental artscape is a testament to how sometimes the simplest things can be the most beautiful, and that all you need to do is look a little closer.

Check out more of Blanchard’s video art on Vimeo

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