Earth’s Only Albino Humpback Whale Reveals itself in these Fantastic Photos

Photo by John Edward

While Moby Dick may have been the great white whale prize of 19th century whale hunters, Migaloo the world’s only albino humpback whale is being hunted for photos only.

Migaloo isn’t a new discovery, the ghostly white sea mammal was first spotted off the Queensland coast in Australia way back in 1991, but the only photos available were grainy. Migaloo who’s name means “white fella” is protected by Australian law and lately has been giving admirers some incredible photo opportunities.

Seeing a whale in the wild is an incredible experience but seeing possibly the world’s only albino humpback whale is what I imagine would be Jacques Cousteau’s wet dream.



Photo by Hinz Chen

See more photos of Migaloo at MyModernMet
Photos by John Edward and Hinz Chen

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