Miley Cyrus Goes Topless, Gets Tattooed and Jumps Out a Plane for Rolling Stone

miley cyrus rolling stone

Is Miley Cyrus’ tongue permanently stuck hanging out of her mouth? Seriously, does anybody know because that seems to be its perpetual state in every photo of her. Miley went tongue out and top off for her new cover of Rolling Stone magazine and it’s already getting a lot of buzz. Surprise, surprise, sex still sells.

It was either go topless, twerk with a teddy bear or elegantly pose with her clothes on. One of those had already been done and no way was the other gonna happen, so boobs it was! And just in case posing in the nude didn’t make the editors of RS happy enough, Miley stepped it up a notch and got her feet inked during the interview. Are you shocked with how much of a rebel she is yet?

miley cyrus foot tatoo
Look at that, she switched the “S” on Stone for a “$” how gangsta and original!

To finish her Rolling Stone experience Miley took to the skies and went skydiving (of course sticking out her tongue on the way down). She landed safely of course, but how much funnier would that have been if she started twerking on the pilot, causing the plane to go into a tailspin before crashing into the ground in a fiery inferno? Hilarious, right?!…anybody…anybody?

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