Coors Light Presents the Big Showdown and Tailgating Tips

With football gearing up to entire bowl seasons, tailgating is about to get even more serious. For as long as the weather allows — and probably even when it doesn’t — tailgating on game day is an event to behold. Tailgates are serious business and just as important as the game, whether you are at the game or at home with family and friends. The typical tailgating fare isn’t always the healthiest of choices, but as long as there’s cold beer on hand, keeping people happy is easy.

Here are five tips to ensure that whatever bowl game you’re tailgating for, your tailgate is championship-worthy.

1. Fill a six pack holder with your favorite hot sauces and other condiments. (Finding an empty six pack holder at your tailgate shouldn’t be difficult.)


2. Don’t go into overtime with your food. Once food has been sitting out for two hours or more it needs to be tossed. If the outside temperature is above 90 degrees, food should be thrown out after an hour to avoid foodborne illness.

3. Stay hydrated. Alcohol is generally a starting player for most people, though be sure to round out your choices with lots of non-alcoholic ones too.


4. Turn a cooler into a warming oven using foil and hot bricks.


5. Take a time out and step away from the buffet table to get in some physical activity. Whether it is tossing a football, playing corn hole or some other activity, it is a great time for everyone to sneak in some fun exercise.

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