NeverWet Product is Either a Miracle of Science or Black Magic Sorcery

Scientists have finally decided to stop wasting time on the global warming crisis and work on something a bit more practical – preventing stains. That’s right klutzes of the world, you now no longer have to worry about dropping that chili dog all over your shirt right before the big job interview.

Presenting (drum roll, please)… NeverWet! An amazing new product now available in the States that makes it nearly impossible for idiots to ruin clothing, electronics, or fine antique linens with liquid. Before you call black magic wizardry and start breaking up table legs to be used as torches for your angry town mob, you should know that it’s actually a product by Ross Nanotechnology.

The product of super hydrophobic coating works to completely repel water and heavy oils from any surface it’s coated with. The surface can literally, never get wet (pretty clever name, eh?).

Just think of the possibilities for this stuff. Place it on your best suit and wear it in the pool.

Place it on your iPhone and use that in the pool.

Place it on your cat and take it in the pool! …Okay, maybe don’t try that last one.

The point is, your grandmother can now finally take the plastic off of the “good” furniture.


Via Junkee

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