Sean Parker Spends 4.5 Million Dollars to Throw Nerdiest Wedding Ever

Sean Parker just spent more money on a Lord of the Rings themed wedding than the country of Burundi makes in a year. Okay, maybe that’s an overstatement, but he definitely went all out.


Lavish Hollywood weddings are nothing new (Michael Jordan had his recent wedding in a tent the size of a football field) but Napster founder Sean Parker’s wedding to Alexandra Lena might just break some records. The exquisitely decorated wedding in Big Sur, California racked up an eye-popping bill of $4.5 million AND an added $2.5 million dollar fine from the California Coastal Commission. So yes, it cost a nauseating amount of money. Just what does all the cash get you? For starters it included a 9-foot tall wedding cake in the middle of a redwood forest.

The event brought in 364 guests including actress Olivia Munn and Lars Ulrich from Metallica, which is sort of surprise considering that Metallica was one of Napster’s biggest opponents.

The photos of the Hobbit-themed affair are incredible looking even if the price tag and Parker’s reasoning behind the excess is a bit vain. “Everything we did was an homage to nature, to the natural redwood environment which I call ‘God’s cathedral,’ Parker told the Atlantic.

Then again, if you want Sting to sing to your bride, you had better be ready to shell out some dough.







Photos Via VanityFair

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