Prank Shows Bible Passages as Quran & People Can’t Tell the Difference (Video)

The Quran takes a lot of flack for being a book that promotes some pretty messed up stuff. Here is the thing though, the world’s best-selling book, a.k.a. the Bible, has some pretty messed up stuff in it as well. Get into the nitty-gritty of the Old Testament and you will definitely discover some eyebrow-raising passages.

With the Quran coming under fire from both the Evangelical Christian right and atheists, Dutch pranksters Dit is Normaal decided to play a little prank to people in the streets. The guys bought a Bible and simply switched the cover to read Quran. They then asked people to read some select passages, and give their thoughts before revealing the guise.

The prank serves as an eye-opener to check your judgement, because even the Bible has some stuff in it that any civilized society wouldn’t be okay with today. That is to be expected though, from any book written thousands of years ago… Rough times back then, guys. Rough times.






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