What If You Were Able to Record Your Dreams? There’s an App for That


Remember that dream you had about being lost in a Scandinavian hotel where you had hamburgers for hands? Probably not and a big part of that is because when we wake up from dreaming we forget 95% of the dream within five minutes. A new app though wants to change all that.

Shadow is a new app in the works that will allow users to record their dreams either via voice or text and store them in a type of dream database, either for public or private viewing. It’s pretty simple, Shadow’s alarm slowly wakes you up and immediately asks you to record what you were just dreaming via text or voice. Of course you could do this on your own with a pencil and paper, but when was the last time you really did anything without your smartphone?

Dreams are a bizarre and mysterious part of sleep and the parts of our brains that handle things like problem solving and memory are often most active during dreaming. So it’s easy to understand that the ability to record dreams could serve a practical purpose. Keeping a record of your dreams could give insight into what kind of sleep patterns result in more lucid dreams or good versus bad dreams.

Right now the app is just in Kickstarter mode, but it’s a unique and potentially very valuable concept, and hopefully one that moves from only a dream to an actual reality.

SHADOW | Community of Dreamers from SHADOW on Vimeo.

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