Ron Burgundy Went on ‘Conan’ to Call Out Toronto Mayor Rob Ford

It hasn’t been any easy few weeks for Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, but things tend to go that way when you’re a crack smoking politician who threatens to kill people.

If there is anybody out there who knows how to come back from disgrace and stay classy, it’s most definitely Ron Burgundy. Ron went on “Conan” last night to promote his new “Anchorman 2” film and needless to say, it was a grand slam of an interview. The interview included tips on surviving a prison riot, sex with Bruce Lee and the obvious highlight, Ron’s new campaign song for Rob Ford, Loverboy’s “Working for the Weekend.”

Oh, and if you’re wondering about all those Dodge Durango ads Ron has been pushing lately, he got paid but thinks the cars are crap. Sorry if you already bought one, suckers.

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