Russia Just Rolled Out an Underwater Assault Rifle


If King Poseidon calls upon his army of sea creatures for an attack, Russia is going to be ready. Putin’s naval forces are now equipped with amphibian assault rifles, because you know, having an underwater machine gun is necessary.

Yes, guns that fire underwater already exist, but there aren’t that many that can fire in water and on land, especially with the capacity of a machine gun. Unveiled at the Interpolitex 2013 arms show in Moscow, Tula Instrument Design Bureau presented its ADS gun that uses special underwater equipped bullets in addition to bullets specifically designed for dry land combat.

The shorter water bullets are constrained to their distance based on the depth of the diver, at a depth of 100 feet it can reach a target 82 feet away. While that doesn’t sound like a great distance, you’ve also got to factor in the limited visibility at 100 feet underwater. Upon returning to the surface the soldier can switch to a “dry land” magazine and resume his killing spree.

It’s also worth mentioning that the ADS gun comes equipped with a grenade launcher. Basically, it sounds like Rambo’s wet dream.

Via Popsci

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