Prince Hired a Random High School Kid to Direct His New Music Video


Forget big shot music video directors and famous choreographers, Prince has recruited a random girl barley out of high school to shoot and star in his new music video “Breakfast Can Wait.”

It may sound like a risky move, but Prince isn’t exactly known for playing it safe. The star behind the new video is 18-year-old Danielle Curiel who had moved from her hometown of Miami to Los Angles to pursue a career in the music business. Curiel describes the surprise of receiving a email from an associate of Prince, requesting that she write a treatment for the Purple One’s new video.

“It was shocking to see that email. What? Prince the artist? Me?” Curiel told Yahoo Music.

Curiel’s vision of the video involves two lovers who put eating breakfast to the side to take care of bedroom matters first, with Curiel playing both the female lead and donning a curly wig and purple attire to become Prince herself.

“He didn’t even know I was gonna be Prince in the video,” Curiel says. “When he saw my picture come up he said, ‘That’s crazy — I love it.’ He was a very cool guy.”

In addition to getting the seriously big break in showbiz, Prince flew Curiel and her family out to his home state of Minnesota for one of his concerts. Needless to say, working with Prince has its perks.

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