Show’s Over Y’all – Food Network Pulls the Plug on Paula Deen After Racist Scandal

No more recipes on how to make deep fried butter doughnuts from Southern food queen Paula Deen, at least not for awhile anyways. Huffington Post has reported that The Food Network which pushed the 66-year-old cook to fame has pulled the plug on Paula’s contract, despite the standard celebrity/politician video apology she issued of “I made a boo boo that I’m deeply, deeply sorry for” – cue the tears.

The racial whirlwind food scandal initially begun last year after court records showed that Deen sat down for deposition in which a lawsuit was filed by former female employee Lisa Jackson who managed Paula Deen owned restaurant Uncle Bubba’s Seafood and Oyster House in Savannah, Georgia. Jackson claims she was sexually harassed and worked in a hostile environment rife with innuendo and racial slurs. You can probably guess which racial slur, it begins with “N.”

Deen also admitted that she considered hiring all black waiters for her brother’s 2007 wedding, but dismissed the idea. While that isn’t breaking any laws, it does raise some questionable eyebrows to Paula’s views on workplace equality and racial views in general.

Naturally, The Today Show jumped on this like Paula Deen on a buttered biscuit. Paula had originally agreed to go on the NBC show to tell her side of the story, but cancelled and opted for the online video apology route instead.

While Paula sits in the corner with her face buried in a dough pillow of shame, the big question is how long does the media have to pretend to hate her before using her to make money again? Comedian Bill Burr has penned it down to 3 months before the “$100 million dollar whale” can be brought back out.

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