HOVA Tied to NSA? Jay-Z and Samsung Are Accused of Mining Customer Data

If you bought Jay-Z’s new album Magna Carta Holy Grail, there’s a good chance that Samsung knows… where… you… are… right… now. Wearing your tin foil hat yet?

Kidding aside, the bombastic success of the mobile giant’s pairing with the release of Jay-Z’s album is raising some eyebrows about information mining. Samsung bought a million downloads of the album to give away to users for $5 each. Just as long as users where willing to give up a ridiculous amount of personal info.

It’s one thing to give your gender and zip code, but the Samsung download app requests users phone storage, system tools, location and asked for the right to post on the user’s Facebook or Twitter account. That’s right, Samsung controls your Facebook now. Mwhahaha!

Rather than ask for all this info at once, Samsung and Jay-Z used the carrot and mule technique, baiting users with album lyrics and such.

Don’t think the hip-hop community hasn’t noticed either.


Doesn’t Jay-Z know corporate spy doesn’t do street cred good.

So far the app and album have been downloaded by more than a half million people since June 24th.

Via Time

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