These Survival Tools Of The Future Combine Sun and Technology

Imagine your children having only an hour of light a night provided by a kerosene lamp to do their homework. Or having to walk for miles to get just a liter of clean drinking water. These are realities that many people in the world have to cope with on a daily basis.

We often take for granted the way technology makes our lives easier, but as this episode of Tech Download shows, companies are using technology to give people the most basic of needs.

Take for instance WakaWaka. The name may sound goofy, but this company is bringing big change with the development of a lantern that can provide a 150 hours of light after just a 12 hour solar charge. Over 12,000 of the solar lanterns have been sent to Haiti to ensure that school children have light to study by.


Clean water is essential to all human life on Earth, but unfortunately for some, it’s also scarce. Camelback the popular outdoors water bottle brand, is doing their part to make getting a clean glass water more accessible with their All Clear bottle. The bottle uses the solar power to kill dangerous organisms in the water, making it safe to drink.


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