The Timeless Wonder: How Lebron James Has Maintained His Image On And Off The Court

Lebron James has been relevant since 2003, when he was drafted #1 overall by the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA draft. The class was loaded with Dwayne Wade, Carmelo Anthony, and Chris Paul. Lebron is the only star playing at the level he played at a decade ago with Wade and Anthony both retiring, while Chris Paul has seen a decline with time in his play. The amazing aspect is the consistency of James both on and off of the court. Below will highlight the various ways that he has maintained his play along with his image outside of basketball. 

A Focus On Recovery

Heading to get a massage can help work on specific areas of the body that could be presenting issues. Lebron does this regularly after workouts, along with ice baths. There have been reports that James spends over a million dollars annually in maintaining his body. The diet that Lebron follows has changed a lot over the last few decades. He eats a clean diet which also contributes to his great recovery times, which have slowed due to age but have not slowed compared to his peers. 

Staying With Savannah James For Decades

Issues arise for sports stars due to domestic disputes along with contentious divorces and custody battles. A solid marriage for years is something that Lebron is not given enough credit for. While the GOAT could have a number of potential suitors in the case of divorce, it seems like Lebron put his full effort into his marriage, much like he has basketball. The only issue that has come up in Lebron’s career is a supposed affair between his mother and a teammate in Cleveland, which has not been proven true or untrue. 

No Legal Trouble At All

Staying out of legal trouble might seem simple but so many sports stars are in the news for the wrong reasons. Savannah James has been a guiding force as Lebron didn’t have a party phase. James understood that he had a window to be the best basketball player of all time that would wane with partying. Other NBA stars that are notorious for partying like James Harden, have seen declines in their games while Lebron has stayed consistent. 

Work-Life Balance/Being A Great Father 

Finding work-life balance might seem tricky for an athlete constantly perfecting his craft. Lebron has ensured that his family has been cared for and that his sons have been given every opportunity possible. Bronny James received an offer to play for the University of Southern California, while Bryce is a rising star in high school. Bronny suffered a cardiac event but is said to be able to return to playing once he has fully recovered. Critics might say he has been too involved in games his sons were playing in, but he is just an enthusiastic fan. 

Lebron James is a talent that most will not likely see another form of in any sport. 20 plus years of excellence is nothing short of incredible, especially in a sport like basketball when the body seems to break down. 

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