These Unreal Mirror Cakes are the Epitome of Food Porn

Olga Noskova’s cakes are truly out of this world. More works of art than confectionery, they have brought her international fame over the recent past. Her magical technique is top secret, but we still wanted to catch up with Olga for some insight into her fascinating talent.

What is the story behind your journey into cake art?

You know, it does sound corny, but it all started with a dream. I wanted to find something that would bring me pleasure every day. I decided to learn how to cook French macaroon cookies but this process took eternity.

Then I started to learn from a variety of incredibly talented chefs. I was like a sponge; absorbing all of their knowledge and experience.


But it wasn’t enough. I realized that to become a master I needed, at some point, to take a risk and make something of myself. I decided to do better than my predecessors. I began to experiment.

I did not know I was noticed outside of Russia until one day, journalist Christopher Hooton admired my spotless glazing cakes. He wrote in The Independent, that my work was ”as perfect as pornography”.

mirror-marble-cakes-by-olga-noskova10 tumblr_o729frnz8e1rv33k2o5_500

Even Britney Spears wrote about my cakes on her Facebook account.
After these articles, my work became famous. My Instagram increased to 613K followers. I could not believe what had happened to me. Their comments, and admiration – they are what makes me understand that this is not a hobby or a job. This is my life!

Do you create art in other mediums?

Yes, I’m interested in different directions in the confectionery business. In addition to creating cakes, I love to make handmade chocolates: milky, dark and white chocolate, with a variety of fillings and decorations.

For now, this is a small hobby. I hope in the near future, it will take its place among my cakes. For now I am completely absorbed in creating glazed cakes.

aynakek8 I devote most of my time to experiments in the field, looking for the technology to perfect my glaze coating. Sometimes I even dream about a new approach, and then I try to translate it into reality.

Which has been your favorite cake and why?

Each cake is unique and has a special meaning for me. In each I put my love, tenderness, emotions and a part of myself . No cake is like the previous one, even if you take the same paint, you’ll still get a different cake.

Who or what inspires you?

I am inspired by the universe. When I think about its majestic endlessness, I feel its strength and energy. I love to watch the stars, especially in the summer on a picturesque mountain top.

If you lie down, you are covered by a canvas of stars. This vast and mysterious world fascinates me.

I have a whole lot of cakes, dedicated to space.


Do you have an idol or mentor that you look up to?

I am inspired by the paintings of Van Gogh, Monet, Gauguin, Korovin. Their style and the transmission, infinite movement, fluidity of moment, the riot of colors – everything is so dynamic and shows you a glimpse of the artist.
I would like my cakes to become a work of art on that level.

oke8dnr olga-noskova-6

What is your greatest dream?

I want cakes to not only be beautiful and delicious, but to be on par with the artists or musicians who are doing what they want. I want people to admire my cakes as works of art.

My dream is to hold an exhibition in conjunction with other works of modern art, such as the Piccadilly Circus in London, where I will present my best work. For me it’s important to not only take energy from the universe but to also give it away. I do this through my cakes.

Do you have a signature technique?

My technique is my secret. It’s my key to perfection. The mirror glaze reflects the world around. Its conciseness of parts and minimalist design, and most importantly, a memorable combination of flavors. Very soon, I’ll share my secret on my online master class. So stay tuned to my channels!





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