These Illustrations are a Rare Version of Alice in Wonderland Made by… Salvador Dali

It’s pretty baffling to think that Lewis Carroll first shared Alice in Wonderland with the world 150 years ago. The story still transcends time and continues to ignite the imaginations of both young and old.

The psychedelic tale of Alice, The Hatter, the Rabbit and the Queen of Hearts first spilled from Carroll’s brilliant mind in 1865. Since then it has been retold, animated, and performed by creatives who wish to keep the marvelous tale alive.

But perhaps the most special version of the story is the collaboration between Lewis Carroll himself and Salvador Dali back in 1969. The editor Random House (New York) is the one who realized this perfect match of mad men, and commissioned Dali to illustrate an exclusive edition. He had him sign every copy

Random House distributed it as their book of the month. It became one of the most sought after Dali suites of all time, and was long coveted by rare book collectors and scholars.

What’s Inside?

For the story’s 150th anniversary, Princeton University Press has printed a special, deluxe edition of the genius collaboration. It begins with an explanation of Dali and Carroll’s connection by Mark Burstein, President of Lewis Carroll Society of North America. Mathematician Thomas Banchoff then explores the mathematics found behind Dali’s art.

The edition includes 12 heliogravures, one for each chapter of the book, and an original signed Dali etching as the frontispiece.

Take a look at the fascinating illustrations below:

The Frontispiece

dali-6Alice’s Evidence

dali-12A Pool of Tears


The Lobster’s Quadrilledali-11
The Mock Turtle’s Storydali-10
The Queen’s Croquet Grounddali-9
Mad Tea Partydali-8-new
Pig and Pepperdali-7
The Caterpillar’s Advicedali-5
The Rabbit sends in a Little Billdali-4
The Caucus Race and a Long Taledali-3

Down the Rabbit Holedali-1


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