These Psychedelic Paintings Explore a Higher Dimensional Reality

From a very young age, visionary artist Myztico knew he was different. A powerful connection to spirit is something that has been with him forever, and shines powerfully through his art. His psychedelic paintings are inspired by dreams, ancient cultures, mythologies and otherworldly dimensions. We caught up with Myztico for an insight into his spiritual journey and artwork.

When and how did art begin for you?

I started drawing when I was 5 years old after watching my father draw different characters. My imagination was truly vivid. As a child, I felt like I was just beginning to tap into distant memories of a deep past. At times I truly felt that although I was in this world, I was just not of it.

I recall how visiting the Museum of National History and seeing dinosaurs truly sparked my creative flow even further.

blob3-jpgWhat inspires your work?

For myself it’s just a matter of tuning into the higher frequencies of our earthly existence and seeing the beauty that surrounds us. I am truly intrigued by ancient cultures, mythologies, lost civilizations, shamanism, plant medicine, alien intelligence, the origin of life on this planet and otherworldly dimensions.

Is there an overarching message or feeling you hope to communicate or inspire in your audience?

I question the collective amnesia that our species has about our true past. That is about our true origins and the connection to advanced civilizations from which our distant ancestors were a part of.


This has been further reinforced via the schooling systems that are used as indoctrination centers for young minds. They discourage critical thinking and encourage consumerism.

Humanity for the most part has lost their connection to nature and spiritual evolution. So my hope is to stir minds and hearts to question their reality, their history, their role in the natural mysterious realm of nature and the super consciousness.


Could you walk us through the process of creating one of your paintings, from idea to realization?

Ideas and themes come to me via dreams, plant medicine ceremonies, entheogenic journeys, indigenous cultures, museum visits, meditations, conversations with many souls and the downloads from the great spirit.

Each canvas has a destiny that I assist to reveal to the human eye. I surrender to source whenever I begin a new painting. I don’t judge, nor do I compare myself with others. The realization process for me is a meditation during the sacred act of creation.


No ego, no concern if people will like it, no attachment to sales outcomes (although it’s gratifying when a collector purchases art and wants it to be a part of their sanctuary).

I work with acrylics, fluorescents, phosphorous paint, acrylic markers as well as painting with light in the digital realm.

What are some of the challenges that arise?

Trying to accurately depict the visuals and visions I have during ceremonies or dreamtime. It’s an evolving practice that constantly poses a good challenge. I’ve never had any formal art education therefore my technique comes from intuition and source.


What has been your most significant moment as an artist?

There have been many, but the most recent, very high event took place in January 2016. I was one of 18 international visionary artists selected to paint at Tierra Mitica in the Rain Forest of Tarapoto, Peru.

The community at this retreat built a spiral structure where each artist had a 6 x 9 foot mural spaces that connected to tell the legend of the grandmother plant medicine “Ayahuasca”.

It was truly inspiring to paint in the rainforest along such Peruvian heavy weights such as Luis Tamani, Juan Carlos Taminchi, Lobsang Melendez, Emily Kell and several other incredible artists.


What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

Don’t be attached to expectations or outcomes. Let go of ALL fears. Love yourself unconditionally. Be kind to yourself and others. Be compassionate. Be a critical thinker & question everything. Take good care of your body temple. Surrender to the source of infinite creativity and love. Do what you LOVE & the money will follow. Be fearless. Don’t compare yourself to others. Practice gratitude daily.


What is the greatest challenge you have ever faced, and how has it affected your practice?

The loss of my younger brother William 8 years ago was a very difficult time for me. Unfortunately his circle of friends enabled him to continue his downward spiral into alcoholism. In the end, his liver and major organs shut down.

It was truly difficult for me to see a once vibrant, loving, handsome man wither away. For several months after his passing I could not pick up a brush. The wound was deep for me.

I went on a vision quest several months later that helped me appreciate the power of being present on a daily basis. It forced me to honor each moment and from this my best art began to emerge. I began to take more risks creatively, emotionally and physically to heighten my perception of this thing we call Life.


What is your greatest dream as an artist?

My true dream is to be able to live in a world where humanity can thrive and evolve into a higher state of super consciousness.

A world where war & hunger no longer exist, a world that honors our connection to the fragile web of nature.

A world that frees humanity from economic, religious, governmental, corporate and mental slavery.

A world where money no longer has the power to corrupt and enslave minds. But instead, to invest in people, communities, our forests & jungles, to help clean up the oceans as well as many sites that have been neglected.


See more of Myztico’s work at


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