25 Things That Would Have Gen Z Scratching Their Heads

They say everything old becomes new again, but let’s be honest, that doesn’t apply to everything. Some things once they become old and outdated fade away forever until younger generations ask, “What the hell is that?”

Every generation is confused by the technology of the previous one and Gen-Z is no different. While Gen-Z may be masters of TikTok, how many of them could successfully use a floppy disc or operate a rotary phone (we’re looking at you too younger millennials). 

Here are 25 items that we’re fairly sure would leave Gen-Zers confused and questioning how previous generations didn’t up and die from sheer boredom. 

1. Yes, there was a time when the internet came in your mailbox.

2. And we turned to this guy for life’s great questions.

3. An ancient relic that told people you were a “very important person.”

4. Before Netflix, this was how humans spent their Friday nights.

5. You had to put in the work if you wanted fresh air.

6. Yes, children this should really be in a museum.

7. Today’s generation will never know that sheer anger/frustration of somebody picking up the phone.

8. Sometimes the young must learn the hard way.

9. Yes, it really did take a lifetime.

10. Just imagine, taking a photo and not being able to see it for at least 1 hour. Terror.

11. Even worse, having to take it with this.

12. Yep, the “save file” icon was once an actual item.

13. Give this to a Gen-Zer and watch the confusion set in.

14. The hashtag symbol isn’t really the hashtag symbol? Mind blown.

15. Before you could stream ever song in existence on your phone, we had these.

16. And before that we had this.

17. That’s right, kiddos, this is how we got places and there was no Alexa or Siri to help us.

18. R.I.P. Myspace.

19. Nope, you couldn’t keep every text you ever received.

20. Ask a young person today what this is and prepare to feel 1,000 years old.

21. If this was put in a school today somebody would get arrested.

22. Google’s great grandfather.

23. Tell me you’re a ’90s kid without telling me you’re a ’90s kid.

24. Look, the first iPhone!

25. Keeping a digital pet “alive” was what some of us did for fun — no joke.

Photos via Wikipedia Commons, Flickr Commons, Bored Panda, Reddit, Demilked

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