This Company is Transforming Women and Beauty from Self-Conscious to Self-Loving

Women want it all. We want and deserve fulfilling, empowered work and wonderful lives with our loved ones and families. And we want to do all this while looking and feeling our best, even though sometimes we may be operating on very little sleep, grabbing any meal within reach on the go, and juggling many stressful items. 

Our fast-paced lives often leave us with only a handful of moments to whip up a simple beauty routine in the mornings so we can put our best face forward as we embrace our crazy days. 

But… do you ever wonder what kind of beauty routine is going to help you not just look but also feel your best? What kind of beauty routine is genuinely good for you, and can make your natural beauty glow from the inside out? 

Do you ever feel dissatisfied by fancy beauty routines that may help you look good, but don’t make you and your body feel amazing—when you know you deserve to feel your best and easily shine like the star you are? 


Welcome to the next generation in beauty.

Meet Sarah, the visionary Founder of HairQare: the cutting-edge company leading the way in their quest to help women discover new levels of self-care and joy by reclaiming their power and holistic beauty. 

HairQare is bravely making waves in an industry notorious for spotlighting the need for women to use expensive products to cover up imperfections, by offering a refreshing and compelling alternative: an exquisitely curated, holistic, healthy beauty program centered in self-love, not self-consciousness. After all, you and your hair deserve to be loved, not manipulated.

What is holistic beauty?

Did you know that the origin of the word “beauty” actually means “pleasing to the eye, ear, mind, or soul”? HairQare embraces a spectrum of beauty pleasing to all the senses, as well as to the mind and soul: holistic, healthy beauty. 

Have you noticed how when a woman feels good and is solidly in her power, she is irresistible? A woman delighted with herself and with her own radiance is enchanting to be around. Why? Her self-approval and self-love encourage anyone around her to pull their chair a little closer to the warm source of all those good feelings. 

This is the secret of a holistic, healthy beauty that is pleasing to all the senses, the mind, and the soul: it blooms when a woman is in her own power, self-love, and delight.

Regena Thomashauer, a New York Times best-selling author and women’s empowerment icon states: 

“We have come to expect that tiny babies and little kids are radiant. They are radiant because they are relaxed in their self-love. They take enjoyment in themselves, their cute bodies, the gift of being alive. 

Yet girls tend to lose their radiance over time, as they grow older. Why? Because we begin to absorb the judgments of the culture, almost all of which are negative toward women. Negative judgment kills radiance. If we think we aren’t pretty enough or thin enough or smart enough, our inner light dims. Disapproval, doubt, and depression take their toll. The older we become, the more we learn to disconnect… and the more and more wrong we find ourselves. 

We don’t realize that it’s our enjoyment of ourselves that creates, and re-creates, radiance inside of us. The last place we are taught to look… is our own bodies. Yet a woman who is turned on to herself and her life is a woman in her highest power.” 


Sarah is a radiance powerhouse, but things weren’t always this way for her. In fact, her multi-faceted journey took her straight into the heart of work as a paid influencer, successfully selling shiny products in glossy and glamorous social media scenes and settings. However, an ugly truth soon began to be revealed. 

“After years of listening to the advice of haircare companies… only to see my hair getting worse, I did something that completely transformed my hair. I stopped listening to people who didn’t know how to actually care for hair… haircare brands that sell products with toxic chemicals. I discovered it was never about how much money I spent or how long I took doing my routine. It had everything to do with giving it what it actually needs.”

– Sarah

These beauty routines containing harsh chemicals had progressively negative effects on Sarah’s hair, health, beauty, and empowerment. The moment she realized this, she knew she could no longer promote haircare the same way she had, nor stand for beauty routines that were not just ineffective, but sometimes damaging to women’s beauty and health. 

Sarah decided to step away from this line of work and make a bold change. Her desire to support women transform their lives by deepening their self-care birthed her current line of work as a holistic beauty advocate. Her passion is to share with women the importance of growing the foundation of holistic beauty and health that she herself discovered along her journey from paid beauty influencer to leader of a holistic beauty revolution, and to empower and uplift as many women as possible along the way.

“Haircare isn’t really about your hair. It’s about giving yourself the confidence to live life beautifully.

Yes, your haircare journey may start by wanting nice hair, but what ends up blossoming will take you by complete surprise. By investing in haircare and your self-care, you show yourself over and over that you’re worth the effort. Over time, you keep seeing results that prove to you that you can do anything if you’re willing to put in the work.

At some point, you will start to think less about your hair… what lingers is love. The love you feel for yourself and how that enables you to love others back and create the life you absolutely love waking up to every day.”

– Sarah


As a part of Sarah’s mission, HairQare is deeply committed to reclaiming social media as a platform where women can feel better about themselves and more empowered. This is so needed because statistics show that social media has been making women feel self-conscious and bad about ourselves for far too long. In contrast, HairQare is paving the way for more beauty companies to exert beneficial influence that enriches women and promotes sustainable beauty with longevity and lasting self-love.  

Knowledge is power. When we navigate social media, our knowledge is not just our power but our safeguard. From her work in the beauty industry, Sarah learned the hard way that if we do not properly research our purchases, we can be sold misrepresented, unhealthy products with high design but low promise fulfillment. And she’s here to help us avoid the pitfalls of products that can be sadly overhyped and marketed by paid, beautiful influencers to those of us who trust those with influence to guide us correctly towards the kind of beauty they have attained. 

Like Sarah and HairQare, the next generation of influencer and beauty company acts in full, intentional alignment with what’s best for all women. In her programs, Sarah teaches women in detail how to make their own healthy haircare products, instead of promoting expensive, store-bought items. This is the kind of empowering self-care support system that truly uplifts and inspires all women’s sovereignty.


You may be wondering how HairQare’s holistic self-care model works. What makes it revolutionary? Holistic haircare is the future of beauty because it leads to holistic beauty and health, not just surface beauty and health. When our hair is already strong and healthy from the inside out because we are properly nourished, we no longer need to use expensive products to mask the weakened, dry, or lifeless condition of our hair. 

HairQare not only offers invaluable guidance on how to make your own better haircare products, the company also provides access to a wealth of wellness modalities that assist women in addressing haircare issues at the roots, instead of using a band-aid to make these issues temporarily look better. 

Let’s talk about the S-word… Stress. One of the most important and underestimated factors to a woman’s healthy hair, as well as to her health in general, is stress. Modern women often experience major stress levels daily, especially during these times of uncertainty; however, we need to reduce our stress for our hair and our health to truly shine. Why? Because studies show that stress leads directly to hair loss, greater inflammation, which leads to many health issues that affect hair health, and more.

HairQare offers holistic guidance that is proven to reduce stress in key areas of a woman’s life, including diet, meditation, and self-love support. When a woman is less stressed through engaging with these modalities, her hair and health will be more radiant, saving her ample time and money that would otherwise go to trying to fix these issues herself, including buying products that supposedly do this for her. 

It’s important to Sarah that women have time to focus on and enjoy the things that really matter to us as women, as well as the joy and ease that naturally come from being less stressed and feeling better and more beautiful from the inside out.


Now, for us to prioritize feeling good, healthier, and more empowered might feel a bit frivolous when there are so many timely things for us to do constantly. But women’s health and empowerment are so globally important that one of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals to attain by 2030 is: to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls. 

The future of women is an empowered future, and that means empowered on all levels, including the way we approach our beauty and our health. Sarah has even been invited to attend the United Nations’ 66th Commission on the Status of Women 2022 and aims to participate and advocate for women’s health and empowerment on a global scale. 

HairQare and Sarah are true leaders in the holistic haircare and beauty field, showing the way forward for thousands of women to make better, more empowering, and healthier choices for themselves. Future-focused, women-led businesses in the beauty industry that stand for holistic beauty and well-being and focus on uplifting women are our clear path ahead, and an easy choice for any woman who cares, at the end of the day, not just about how she looks, but about how she feels. 

“My biggest passion is empowering women to feel free.”

– Sarah 

Find out more and join the beauty revolution today!

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