This Awesome Glass House Works with Nature Instead of Against it

Deep in the woods of Almaty, Kazakhstan, stands a humble fir tree that seems no different from the hundreds that surround it. A. Masow Design Studio, however, has big plans to build an incredible glass house that will completely encapsulate it.

The cylindrical structure reinvents the concept of a tree house. When completed, it will live in a harmonious exchange with the tree at its core. It was commissioned by a 38-year-old businessman who is seeking a home that will provide peaceful solitude and allow for his spiritual and creative development.



The living tree will act as a central pillar for the home, with a staircase that winds around the outside edges. Transparent solar panels will coat the floor to ceiling windows, with solar powered lamps to light the tree in the places where the structure casts shadows upon it. Rainwater will be purified for human use. A forest floor, glass capsule shower stands at the entryway.


“We want to make everyone understand that we shouldn’t destroy half a hectare of forest to build a small house for one family. We want to show that 35 sq meters of land is sufficient for one family, without any harm caused to nature. It does not require any connection. It is independent and able to itself provide electricity, heat and water” – Aibek Almassov, architect behind the project.

Treehouses like this one could very much become the way of the future, as dwindling space and resources are causing mankind to become more creative with solutions that work with nature instead of against it.


The eco-friendly four story glass house is set to be completed in 2017, after many years of planning. Almassov and his team at A. Masow Design Studio have launched a crowdfunding campaign through Indiegogo to help fund the project, where you can contribute in exchange for ‘perks’ such as 3-5 night stays once the house is built.

Find out more about the project here.

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