This Treehouse Apartment Building is Like Something Out of Neverland

It’s safe to say that most apartment buildings don’t look like a fantastical treehouse straight out of Swiss Family Robinson or Neverland. However, that’s what comes to mind when passerby see this five-story apartment building in Turin, Italy.

Designed by Luciano Pia, the apartment building named 25 Verde is just as much function as it is architectural statement. The building’s 150 potted trees create a sort of force-field against noise pollution for its lucky residents as well as absorbing 200,000 liters of carbon dioxide an hour. Pia designed the building to be a vertical forest around the apartment units, and their foliage helps to block the hot summer sun as well as shield the building from harsh winter winds.

All of the plants are deciduous species native to Italy and make the building really stand out on its corner of city block. For the resident of the apartment complex’s 65 units, going home must feel like a childlike adventure. We’d certainly like to check it out IF a rental becomes available.








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