You Didn’t Really Lose That Sock, Your Brain Just Tricked You

There’s nothing fun about doing laundry, and you’re eventually bound to lose some soldiers to the dryer demon.You know what I’m talking about, that sock that seems to disappear? Author Dan Ariely explains that while some socks do go missing, other times it’s just our brain thinking they vanished.

Ariely explained to The Wall Street Journal that what’s more than likely happening rather than the dryer or washing machine devouring them is that we’re forgetting the sock’s identity.

“You have many socks, and if you see one of them and don’t immediately find its partner, you say, “Oh! A sock has been lost!” You remember that a sock is missing, but you do not exactly recall its type or color.

Later on, you see the matching sock, but you don’t remember that it forms a pair with the first sock, and you say to yourself (again): “Another sock is missing. Where is its partner? I can’t believe so many socks go missing.”

So yes, you’re memory does suck and unless you start numbering all your clothes the missing sock plague is going to continue. Then again, you could always go barefoot from here on out?

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