16-Year-Old Prodigy Paints Delicate Landscapes on Autumn Leaves

Joanna Wirazka is a self-taught, 16-year-old Polish artist who is taking the world by storm with her incredible miniature landscape paintings. Not only is her skill astounding for a person of her age, but her choice of materials is captivating fans worldwide.

leaf8Joanna collects dried autumn leaves and uses them as tiny, fragile canvasses to paint detailed depictions of cities and landscapes from around the world. Her advice to her followers: “try to find real art everywhere and let it inspire you.”


Using colored pencils, she must be incredibly gentle as to not shatter the delicate leaves into a million pieces, which happened many times during creation processes.

No doubt this artistic prodigy has an incredibly bright future. Scroll down below to see more of Joanna’s work!

paintings-leaves12142299_1499191870375413_1878679609_n12142189_1480243825615218_1863528105_n12080606_515011705332949_1862110394_n683c0f3ea5b46a4b6910babfc78a129a Follow Joanna on Instagram



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