Model Who Survived Acid Attack Shares Story of Her Incredible Recovery

In June this year, 21-year-old aspiring model Resham Khan was driving with her cousin Jameel Mukhtar in East London, when a man threw a corrosive substance through her car window and changed their lives forever. The pair suffered horrific injuries, as the acid caused the skin on their face and bodies to partly melt.

3 months on, however, brave Resham has shared photos of her incredible recovery across social media, wearing vibrant clothing for Eid, an important muslim celebration that marks the end of Ramadan. Amazingly, there are no visible scars on the side of her face.

Alongside the photos, Resham reasoned that, “Of course my face isn’t what it was, the images show mainly one side.”

Resham’s followers were quick to praise her bravery in sharing her painful journey. One user wrote that “even if the images mainly show one side, it’s the confidence and the sheer mental strength that she has that makes it amazing. In awe.”

Another wrote, “You look great, definitely, but I think it’s also wonderful you are so confident and adjusting. Some people might’ve withdrawn completely.”

Khan was deeply moved by the overwhelming response to her pictures. She thanked them all, expressing that she feels “so lucky to be surrounded by so much positivity.”

The Attack

Resham and Jameel were attacked on Tollgate Road in Beckton shortly after 9pm on the 21st of June, while celebrating the model’s 21st birthday. John Tomlin, 24, was arrested over the incident and faces life in prison for a charge of grievous bodily harm with intent.

Resham before the attack.

John Tomlin.

The injuries suffered by the cousins were described as life changing. Weeks after the attack, Resham penned an open letter that said: “My plans are in pieces; my pain is unbearable, and I write this letter in hospital whilst I patiently wait for the return of my face.”

Resham’s cousin Jameel, who was also a victim of the acid attack. He was put into an induced coma after the attack, but has now awoken and is recovering.

Resham remembers the horrific scene after the incident. As they attempted to drive away after the attack, they crashed into a fence. She and her cousin stripped off in the middle of the road and ran around screaming, begging bystanders for some water.

Resham was left too scared to leave the safety of her home in the wake of the attack, while Jameel said he felt “emotionally wrecked” and in “continuous pain”.

Attacks with corrosive substances are on the rise in the UK. If you are nearby when an acid attack occurs, it is crucial to act quickly. Watch the video below to learn how to respond best in the event of an acid attack.


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