Isaac Cordal: Miniature Cement Sculptures Cleverly Placed in the City

”The city inspires  in me a lot of mixed feelings… it keeps us away from the natural pulse of life”.


Where do you draw inspiration from?

I am particularly interested in reflecting on the current state of the world, perhaps not the most optimistic time to look out the window. All the contradictions that surround us, undoubtedly, influence my way of creating. It is a response to many injustices.


Describe your work to someone who has not seen if before.

I work with small sculptures mainly made of cement, camouflaged in the urban space. The whole project is called Cement Eclipses. It’s a kind of reflection on Progress and its side effects on our society.


What inspired you to begin making public sculptures? Can you explain the inspiration behind your series ‘Cement Eclipses’?

The city inspires  in me a lot of mixed feelings. It’s an explosive cocktail that keeps us away from the natural pulse of life.


Blanca, Murcia. Spain

The city offers many possibilities to develop projects. There are many resources that can be freely used to express ideas. Sometimes a simple sentence written with a pencil on a wall could destroy all the city billboards.


Do you have an overarching message that carries throughout all of your works?

My sculptures appear to sink, like a metaphor related to the collapse of capitalism. They show the absurdity of our existence, or they just watch the bleak landscape that we have built. Cement Eclipses feeds on small symbolic scenes of our routine.


Do you have any other great passions? What would you be doing if you were not an artist?

I really like death metal. The second question is difficult to answer.


To see Isaac’s latest project, visit


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