How Michael Fukumura Went From ATF Agent to Yoga Surfer

Michael Fukumura lives a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle that combines two of his passions into one physically gratifying way of life: surfing and yoga.

Finding that path to personal fulfillment wasn’t something that came easy. Michael was born in Japan and grew up with strict parents that pushed him for financial success, without focusing on personal happiness and well-being. After completing law school, Michael took a job with the Department of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms in Washington D.C. The position required him to dress like the other ATF agents and follow a strict urban lifestyle that left him spiritually unfulfilled at the end of the day. Michael knew that something in his life needed to change and decided that the only way he would be truly happy is if he followed his bliss.

Michael’s wife knew that a drastic change was in order, so the couple drove across the country with all of their possessions to start a new life, one that introduce Michael to the joys of surfing. To counteract a shoulder injury, Michael began practicing yoga, as Michael puts it that’s “when things clicked.” This was an awakening and led Michael to his new passion of teaching yoga to his students with Loli Yoga. To Michael it’s not just about sharing his passion, but helping his students discover their own passions.

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