These Half Human, Half Plant Portraits Look so Real it’s Disturbing

French photographer and creative retoucher Cal Redback has released a haunting new series of manipulated portraits that will make your skin tickle.

‘Treebeard’ is a series of human-botanical hybrids. Each portrait shows a person whose features have been partially dismantled and reformed with plant life.

Redback’s skills with manipulation make the portraits very realistic, somewhat disturbing, and always spookily beautiful.

See the series below.

cal-redback-human-nature-photo-manipulations-designboom-01 cal-redback-human-nature-photo-manipulations-designboom-02 cal-redback-human-nature-photo-manipulations-designboom-03 cal-redback-human-nature-photo-manipulations-designboom-04 cal-redback-human-nature-photo-manipulations-designboom-05 Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 10.02.51 AM
See more of Cal’s work at

All images © Cal Redback


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