This Mixed Reality Room is a Psychedelic Trip Without Drugs (Video)

Virtual reality is no doubt today’s most popular technological trend. From gaming, to healthcare, to television and even military training, countless industries are innovating with VR. However, as immersive as the experience may be, strapping on a heavy and uncomfortable VR headset serves as a constant reminder that what the user sees isn’t real.

The team at a creative studio named THÉORIZ may have just found a way to make virtual reality spill out into the real world, erasing the need for a bulky headset and really pushing the boundaries of VR immersion. They’ve created a mixed reality room that uses a tracking system to monitor users as they walk around the space. That data is processed in real time to allow video projectors on the ceiling to warp reality by creating virtual floors, walls and objects that react to the person’s movements.

THEORIZ published a short video to show what being in this mixed reality room feels like. While we know it couldn’t compare to the actual experience, watch the video below to get an idea of how trippy the technology is.

Head to the THÉORIZ website to see more of their unique entertainment experiences.

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