Money Gun Kickstarter is Everything That’s Wrong/Awesome About America

Walking into a club and throwing a wad of dollar bills into the air with your bare hands? That’s 2013 chump stuff. A true baller shoots his singles out of a gun like some sort of dollar bill-spraying Tony Montana.

There’s now a Kickstarter that aims to put a money-shooting gun in the hands of every brazen rapper/NBA player/CEO possible. Money Gun, might seem like a YouTube spoof, but its Kickstarter appears to be all too real. Entrepreneur, Michael Schexnayder’s idea for the gun was simply to “make it awesome,” and I gotta admit, a gun that shoots money does sound pretty awesome… and incredibly gaudy, too. The promotional video bills Money Gun as a promotional tool, similar to a t-shirt canon, that’s ideal for parties and sporting events, and the strip club. Okay, really only the strip club.


“The money gun isn’t all fun and games,” says Schexnayder. Wait, it’s not just fun and games? Is there a situation where money gun is a practical and serious business tool. Like, can I make a mortgage payment by just firing a wad of bills at my banker? Because, that STILL sounds pretty fun.

The Kickstarter is hoping to raise $50,000 for the 3D-printable device, but considering each one has a list price of $250 that might be a lofty goal. Then again, if you want a gun that shoots money, wasting $250 on the gimmick probably isn’t a big deal. Oh, and for those of you who wouldn’t be caught dead with the standard Money Gun of the common person, a gold-plated Money Gun is available for $5,000. Rick Ross likely already has two of them on his Christmas list.

I’ll be sticking to the traditional way of making it rain at the club.

Money Gun gif via DailyDot

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