Beach Bored? Go Change the World With NuMundo

In 2013, four passionate nomads bound together to create NuMundo, a nonprofit organization with an inspiring goal. Their mission? Create a transparent resource for travelers all over the world, to find more enriching ways to immerse themselves, work, help and learn.

It became apparent to NuMundo’s founders there was a profound lack of fulfillment amongst the young adults of today. They realized that many within this generation yearn to invest their free time and energy into reconnecting with the earth and making the world a better place. As Shayna, co-founder of NuMundo says ‘the organization’s goal is to give people an opportunity to step outside the box, follow their heart and become leaders for planetary change.’


NuMundo wanted to provide a platform where travelers could access a database of ‘Impact Centres’, amplifying the reach and voice of small organisations working towards a better future, and connecting them with the able hands and minds they need.


Impact Centres are defined as land-based projects that offer individual transformation, living education and strive to leave a positive local impact. An Impact Centre could be an ecovillage, an organic farm, a yoga retreat centre or even a hostel. To become part of the NuMundo Impact Centre Network, a site must satisfy criterias based around care for the environment, education and accommodation for participants.


Through their network of Impact Centres (now over 70) across North, Central and South America, NuMundo offers access to short and long term stays for people across the globe, to come and participate in the immersive learning experiences grounded in a vision of sustainability.


“Getting in touch with the elements makes me think that by doing this, I can give something back to the earth” – NuMundo participant.

Over the past two and a half years since NuMundo was created, their team has grown gradually, catalyzing positive change one community and experience at a time. More and more thought leaders are being inspired by the idea of creating a better world through the connectivity and education the platform offers.


To accommodate and continue this growth though, NuMondo needs the help of the global community. They are currently running a crowd-funding campaign through IndieGoGo to help support and facilitate this growth, offering gifts in exchange for donations – including shirts, 12-month memberships with NuMundo, immersive experience packages and more.

Want to support the cause and become part of the movement? Take a look at their campaign here, to learn more about NuMundo’s vision for the future.

You can also visit their website, and explore the Impact Centres across the globe.

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