These Fluid Art Videos are so Hypnotizing We Can’t Look Away From Them

California-based artist Crystal Ma creates mesmerizing artworks with a simple yet genius method. She uses a large cup to mix paint with a pouring medium and water. Then she adds a small amount of silicone to trigger a chemical reaction, before pouring the whole lot onto a canvas and watching the magic happen. Her style of art making is also known as Fluid Art.

“Ever since I was little I would do weird things, like take crayons and melt them with the heat of a lightbulb and create drip sculptures with them when I was probably about 8 years old.”

Crystal’s experimental nature has led her to create some seriously unique artworks, and while a lot of the result is often left to chance, Crystal’s color combination and manipulation skills are captivating to witness. The process is just as captivating as the result, which could be why Crystal’s Instagram videos have brought her a fan base of over 41,000 followers.

Feast your eyes on some of Crystal’s youtube videos below:



You can see more of Crystal’s art videos on her Instagram.

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