Shopping Cheats to Save Even More at Target

You already know that Target is great for finding low prices, but did you know that there’s a way to find even better prices when shopping there? Check out how to find their secret price cheats and save even more.

First, look closely at the cost and look for prices ending in the number nine. If it ends in nine, you’re out of luck, but if the price ends in other numbers the item is on sale.

Another thing to look for is the fine print on the clearance tags of items. Quite often the number the upper right hand corner is a markdown percentage taken off the item’s original price. The first markdown is usually around 15 percent, but in the following weeks the markdown may drop to 50 or 75 percent. It’s know as the “two-week discount rule.”

There are also certain times of the year when prices drop more than others — especially after major holidays. Look for electronics to go on sale between Thanksgiving and Christmas and winter clothes to go on sale around April. Summer clothes usually drop down considerably in price around early October.



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